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Ансамбль Супрядки

The Folk Ensemble of Narva Museum Supryadki (supryadki means conjoint spinning) was created in 1984.

There are Russian, Estonian, Izhorian, Votic and Sethu ceremonial songs in the ensemble repertoire.

Supryadki shows old Russian and Estonian calendar and home ceremonies in the from of concert-lectures and music performances, e.g. Winter Christmastide, the Cheese-Fare Week, Spring Meeting and Easter, Semick and Trinity Sunday, Ivan Kupala, Mart’s and St. Catherine’s Days, ceremonies of wedding, birth and christening.

The ensemble takes part in different international and republic folklore festivals, seminars, conferences and workshops.

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07.12.2019 – we had taken participation in the final event of the project "Cultural Step," which took place at the Narva College of the University of Tartu. We had introduced the participants of the project with the Estonian ritual songs, folk games and dances (Narva, Estonia) view gallery

05.12.2019 – we had performed with the charity concert in the nursing department of Narva Hospital (Narva, Estonia)

30.11.2019 – we had participated in the event dedicated to the annual presentation of the Valdemar Panso's Award to the most talented student of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (Tallinn, Estonia) view gallery

28.11.2019 – we had performed with the ritual songs of the peoples of Estonian-Russian border area for participants of the International Conference of Pharmacists (Narva Castle, Estonia)

09.11.2019 – we had performed with the soldiers' and military songs in the Cultural and Leisure Center of Ivangorod, had presented Russian and Estonian folk dances with the audience (Ivangorod, Russia) view gallery

23.09.2019 – we had performed for the participants of the XXII Estonian Museums Festival (Narva, Estonia)

14-15.09.2019 – we had participated in the II International Forum dedicated to preservation of traditions and culture of Semigalian Krewinni (aka Vod) (Zheimelis, Lithuania; Bauska, Latvia) view gallery

06.07.2019 – we had participated in the celebration of Ivan Kupala (Midsummer Day) at the Russian orthodox village (Lüübnitsa village, Estonia) view gallery

22.06-02.07.2019 – we had participated in the International Folklore Festival "GRAND CALELLA FOLK FESTIVAL" (Calella, Spain) view gallery

15.06.2019 – we had performed at the Textile printing Day at the village of Kolkya (Kolkja, Estonia) view gallery

30.05.2019 – we had performed with the songs of people of the Estonian-Russian border area in the Narva Central library at the opening of the exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Estonian Song and Dance Celebration (Narva, Estonia) view gallery

25.05.2019 - we had participated at the Narva Museum's event "Days of Votic culture: natives of Ida-Virumaa area" (Narva, Estonia)

18.05.2019 – we have performed with the Russian and Estonian spring ritual songs at the Leisure centre (Ivangorod, Russia)view gallery

24.03.2019 – we had participated in the Narva Museum's event — celebration of Lady Day (The Art Gallery of Narva, Estonia)view gallery

10.03.2019 – we had participated in the Narva Museum's event — celebration of the combined holidays of Russian Maslenitsa (Shrovetide) and Estonian Vastlapäev and rituals of farewell with the winter (Narva Castle, Estonia)view gallery

24.02.2019 – within the framework of the celebration of the 101th Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia we had performed at the Narva Äkkeküla Sports and Recreation Area (Narva, Estonia)

12.01.2019 – we had presented the Russian Winter Christmastide programme at the Art Gallery of Narva Museum (Narva, Estonia)view gallery

we had presented the Russian Winter Christmastide programme at the Christmas concert in Narva Musical School (Narva, Estonia)view gallery