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Ансамбль Супрядки

The Folk Ensemble of Narva Museum Supryadki (supryadki means conjoint spinning) was created in 1984.

There are Russian, Estonian, Izhorian, Votic and Sethu ceremonial songs in the ensemble repertoire.

Supryadki shows old Russian and Estonian calendar and home ceremonies in the from of concert-lectures and music performances, e.g. Winter Christmastide, the Cheese-Fare Week, Spring Meeting and Easter, Semick and Trinity Sunday, Ivan Kupala, Mart’s and St. Catherine’s Days, ceremonies of wedding, birth and christening.

The ensemble takes part in different international and republic folklore festivals, seminars, conferences and workshops.

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25.03.2018 – we had participated in the Narva Museum's event — celebration of Lady Day (Narva Castle, Estonia) view gallery

24.02.2018 – within the framework of the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia at the FAMA shopping center we had presented ritual folk songs of the borderlands and had played folk games with the audience (Narva, Estonia) view gallery

18.02.2018 – ensemble had participated in the Narva Museum's event — celebration of the combined holidays of Russian Maslenitsa (Shrovetide) and Estonian Vastlapäev and rituals of farewell with the winter (Narva Castle, Estonia) view gallery

13.01.2018 – we had participated in Natalia Vinnitskaya's Gala, whic hwas held in the "Geneva" centre (Narva, Estonia) view gallery