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We offer concert programmes:

Folklore Ensemble “Supryadki” offers theatrical performances in Narva Castle (or other cities) based on the Russian and Estonian folk rituals in the form of musical performances based on the expedition material!

All programs include traditional games and audience participation in the action.

Russian calendar rites:

– Winter Christmastide view gallery

– The Cheese-Fare Week view gallery

– Meeting of the spring. Easter view gallery

– Semik and Trinity Sunday view gallery

– Ivan Kupala

– The Russian calendar rites (general programme)

Estonian calendar rites (in Estonian):

– Jõulupüha view gallery

– Vastlapäev view gallery

– Spring Rites view gallery

– Mart’s Day view gallery

– St. Catherine’s Day view gallery

Russian family rituals:

– Wedding ceremony (Slantsy, Leningrad region) view gallery

– Birth and The Christening (Smolensk region) view gallery

Calendar rites in comparison:

– Jõulupüha / Winter Christmastide

– Vastlapäev / The Cheese-Fare Week view gallery (Valga 2012)

– Kevadkombed / Spring Rites view gallery (Ivangorod 2012)

– Jaanipäev / Ivan Kupala

The folk songs which were popular in the Russian army in 19th -20th centuries

view gallery 2015, view gallery (Ivangorod, Russia) 2017

Russian and Estonian urban folklore (in Russian and Estonian):

– The play “A Cruel Romance” view gallery

Game programmes:

– Russian folk games and quadrille

– Estonian folk games and dances

– Russian and Estonian game versus

Participation in any programme, it will be interesting for everyone, regardless of age and nationality!


Tel.: +372 56474722 Marina Kuvaytseva, director of the ensemble